Around Canning

Three minutes away from the National Archives of Singapore is Fort Canning. It was a huge park and thankfully there were maps and visible trails. Concerts are staged there, and about the time I visited, there was a festival stage being packed up. Also, Fort Canning has this sculpture garden, where various artists from Southeast Asian nations displayed their creations from the ASEAN Sculpture Symposium back in 1981. I found Napoleon Abueva’s Fredesvinda among dense plants. It lacks maintenance and if it wasn’t for the stone marker, I wouldn’t have seen it.


Kumari Nahappan’s Pedas Pedas in front

Since it was getting a dark, I headed to the National Museum of Singapore which was just across. Luckily, entrance to the Living Galleries is free after 1800, which meant a lot because I got to save 10SGD! I got to roam around the building, and see four galleries (Film & Wayang, Food, Fashion, Photography) which enticed the human senses upon entry.

There was even a wedding shoot going on

Rotunda dome with Victorian inspired stained glass

My camera ran out of battery so I ended up using the iPod’s camera instead. But still, my pictures won’t do any justice to the galleries since you really have to be there to get the optimal experience. Hahaha! I really liked staying in the Food gallery since the place really smells like food!! It led me to wonder if they had an actual food stall with treats nearby. The Fashion gallery was the eeriest since it was similar to a dark, retrograde maze which had floating clothes all over. I think I may have scared the group of Indian women that entered as I left. Hahahaha

Hey that’s an artificial heart valve!

There was also an exhibit displaying Singapore’s contributions in the global market. I got to see a replica of Darth Vader’s helmet, alongside this artificial heart valve, and alongside some bottles of soy sauce. Quite a diverse range of products, really.

I didn’t get to see the rest of the special exhibits, so please visit the museum at an earlier time. Better yet, take a whole day on the museum trail designed by the National Heritage Board. (Just look for the brochures on counters) It’s so great that Singapore’s a small but walkable city, with plenty of stuff to visit.

National Museum of Singapore
93 Stamford Road Singapore 128897

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