26 July 2011

  • Conquered the snooze button at 0900
  • Was apologized to by the American female who was at the lower bunk because of her tossing and turning throughout the night
  • Bought a biodegradable towel from the reception for 3SGD
  • Took a shower (shampoo and soap provided)
  • Digested a peanut butter sandwich and a cup of coffee
  • Booked an airport shuttle ride for 1300
  • Walked around the vicinity
  • Reached Clark Quay and waited for the rain to stop

Come down, rain

  • Scurried through the rain to Central mall

Why is it suddenly sunny

  • Ordered Gongcha’s green milk tea with pearls for 2.80SGD
  • Ate lemon chicken rice (4SGD) at a Singaporean canteen

He was actually waving hahaha

  • Went back to the inn
  • Got left by the airport shuttle
  • Took a cab to Changi airport terminal 1
  • Almost had a myocardial infarction in the cab
  • Ran to check in (and made it in time woot!)
  • Aboard Jetstar 3K599
  • Had a brief chat with some Singaporean fellows about backpacking (They’re hardcore)
  • Landed in Siem Reap international airport


  • Booked an airport accredited moto to the hotel for 2USD

Motorcycles everywhereee

  • Met Mr. Samuth, my driver
  • Checked in, unpacked bags at the Passaggio Boutique Hotel
  • Went to the Angkor Archaelogical Park after 1700 for the free entrance to the sunset

Everyone’s leaving!

  • Rode the moto back to the hotel and arrived at around 1900
  • Fixed my bag of laundry
  • Headed out to find a laundry shop and some dinner
  • Ate dinner at this Cambodian canteen
  • Asked the waiter where a laundry shop could be seen at that time of night
  • Followed the directions towards the shop
  • Eventually ended up in a bar named “Laundry” along Pub Street
  • Went back home frustrated with only a change of clothes left
  • Talked to family via FaceTime

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