Passaggio Boutique Hotel

I hired a 2USD motorcycle transport from the airport to the hotel

The standard twin room cost me 25USD a night. What caught my attention were the facilities and specifically the affiliation with NGOs and charities. It’s also a member of the ChildSafe International network!

Not bad!

Bring your own toothbrush!

The restaurant

Best experienced after a long temple day

Getting around: The hotel staff were exceptionally concerned and helpful with my requests and queries. In case you need a map around town, they could provide you with a Siem Reap guidebook for free. But you could also grab a free copy of the Out + About pocket guide from Blue Pumpkin, a cool chill out spot along the Old Market road.

The hotel supports The White Bicycles, a charity that aims access to clean water and education in rural Cambodia. You can rent their (white) bicycles for 2USD a day at partner guesthouses and hotels, like the Passaggio. For a small and quiet town like Siem Reap, it’s easy to get around with a bike. Just remember to stay at the side and remember to signal motorists about your turns.

You could also find tuktuks in front of the hotel. I’ve been told that they cost a dollar for short trips.

Breakfast: There are four choices in the menu, but Passaggio breakfast choice number one pretty much covers all the other choices.

Internet: The hotel provides free WiFi for guests. There’s also a computer terminal behind the staircase but it responds slowly to commands. But you can always spend 2000KHR for an hour of speedy internet in computer shops down in the Old Market area.

Laundry: Having your laundry done in the hotel costs 1USD per piece. There’s a laundry shop right next door which charges 1USD per kilogram of clothes.

This hotel delivers comfort and necessity for the weary temple explorer. There are a few hits and misses, but I would see myself staying there someday again.

Passaggio Boutique Hotel
0432 Watdamnak Village, Salakomreuk, Siem Reap, Kingdom of Cambodia

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