Temples and Some Town

28 July 2011

  • Woke up at 0900, later than the expected time of departure for Temples Day #2
  • Brought my laundry for cleaning (Not at the Laundry bar anymore bleh.)
  • Ate breakfast while listening to cheesy 90’s songs (Westlife, I think…. and M2M)
  • Conversed with Ms. Neelam, an Indian national
  • Hopped in the tuktuk

Brought the better camera

  • Went to the postal office to send some postcards
  • Arrived at the Angkor Archaeological Park checkpoint (two holes on my ID now)
  • Sat for an hour in a tuktuk to Banteay Srei
  • Saw the real Cambodian countryside (water and housing projects were funded by international organizations)

Typical SE Asia

  • Explored most of the mapped temples
  • Ordered fish amok (then found out that it was like curry) from a Cambodian canteen
  • Talked to the local folk about dental braces and local cuisine
  • Passed by a landmine museum (There’s a film about Aki Ra, former soldier and now the man behind dismantling landmines)

I told you I just passed by

  • Went back to the hotel, passing by the hospital again (Dr. Beat Richer, the hospital founder and leading advocate of quality pediatric health care in Cambodia, performs cello concerts every Saturday evening. I wish I had the opportunity to attend.)

With a current dengue epidemic going on, they need blood types B & AB mostly

  • Picked up my clean clothes
  • Took a well deserved bath
  • Went around the Old Market
  • Had a cup of green tea ice cream (1.50USD, if I recall correctly) at The Blue Pumpkin

A bakery, resto, lounge, ice cream shop

  • Waited for the heavy rain to stop… then the electricity went out
  • Traversed the flooded waters back to the hotel
  • Went back out to find a computer shop with faster computers (I still had no hotel to stay in BKK)
  • Ate at The Pizza Company

Food for two :’-|

  • Overheard and talked to some Filipino teachers who worked in Siem Reap for 10 years
  • Got invited to their home
  • Went to Happyland Internet Shop instead (Freaked at the internet security compromise)
  • Arrived safely at the hotel. In the bed. In my head.

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