29 July 2011

  • Went to the Bangkok Airways office to sort something out

New office

  • Strolled down Pub street then ended up in a crossroad of restaurants

  • Messaged family about current condition (then a cat leapt on the computer desk)
  • Enrolled and took a cooking class in Le Tigre de Papier
  • Bought some small items at the Old Market
  • Picked up my luggage at the hotel
  • Went to the airport (and it rained very hard)

Took a picture of my polka-dotted driver

  • Checked in
  • Flew to Bangkok

Small plane

  • Called the hotel for directions
  • Was informed that it wasn’t the hotel’s number
  • Freaked out and hired a cab instead
  • Surveyed the city while in traffic

Thank God for music

  • Arrived in the hotel
  • Reported to family about current condition
  • Slept

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