Bangkok City

On the 30th of July, I woke up to the scent of cigarettes on my bed. Somewhere in my mind I told myself, “wake up, you must be in The Hangover 3 and there’s probably Bradley Cooper somewhere here with a crossbred rooster-monkey. Smile for the camera!” But no, as reality had dictated, I took a shower and readied my bags for the next hotel I would be staying in. I hitched an elevator ride to the fifth floor to take a peek at the swimming pool before gobbling down a breakfast buffet in the first floor. Since the hotel was smaller than what the online photographs seemed to appear, the restaurant was jam-packed like a night club, only with orange juice, not alcohol in glasses. I found it rather amusing to watch people come and go, while taking note of their different shapes and voices. Bangkok really is a melting pot, a hub where east definitely meets west.

I checked out early and hopped on the free electric tuktuk service with a couple of backpackers. I had to drag my bag through beauty parlors and street stalls before entering Nana station. The passenger assistance officer told me that I only have 74 Baht left in the Skytrain pass (lent to me by my brother). I rode the train to Siam station, crossed the Silom line, and arrived in Chong Nonsi. I checked in the I Residence, took a nap until 1600, and went back to Siam.

It is the retail center of Bangkok. We went to Siam Paragon back in 2008 and the only thing I wanted to see again was the huge assortment of novelty shops. I ended up getting some notebooks from The Loft, Siam Discovery Center. Then I passed by Madam Tussaud’s, an ice skating rink, and Channel V Thailand.

And I even bothered to capture a photo of the wall

Ice rink’s exterior

I spent a few minutes checking out new Link watches before purchasing milk tea from Fuku. Then I passed by Siam Ocean World, which is an aquarium that occupied the whole basement of Siam Paragon. Eventually, I took a breather at Burger King before heading on to oggle over the Lamborghini Aventador over at the Paragon’s upper floors. I visited the 4D movie theaters and caught a glimpse of a guy dressed as Captain America posing for pictures.


Back in 2008, we went to Platinum mall, the place to find cheap yet quality clothes, shoes, bags, etc. After sensing that I had no current memory of  getting to Platinum, I asked a lot of people for directions. I gathered more maps and found myself passing by Wat Pathum Wanaram.

Some stores were already closing when I managed to reach Platinum, but I still found time to buy items which my sister would want. On the way back to Siam station, I passed by some food street stalls and a bridge where I bought a hat for 99 Baht. Going back to the hotel was easier, and I spent the night talking to family via Facetime.

Roadside grill

The view on the way back to I Residence


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