I Residence

I had a confirmation code and some emailed directions to the hotel. Using trains was easy, you just had to bear the weight of your luggage on your toes since it was crowded in the Sukhumvit line. What I loved about the I Residence was its proximity to the Chong Nonsi station, which meant that I could cut off cab expenses (and traffic) from my list. Also, the environment wasn’t as busy as the scene along Sukhumvit, which meant tranquility and less time dodging people.

Silom line

It cost around a thousand Baht for a night here. It had the usual hotel amenities and interiors that were made to compliment the young businessman or tourist.

Ahh the bed

Bangkok hotels usually have LAN cables for internet and prepaid internet vouchers for wireless connections. I probably spent around 300 Baht on wifi connections alone.

The other side


Complimentary breakfast buffet

Since the train lines were so close to the hotel, I made all plans for the next day to be situated as near to the line as possible. I was about to come back to the Philippines, and I had no time to waste. Too bad I wasn’t able to try out Dean and Deluca which sat right across Chong Nonsi. Perhaps, another day!

I Residence Silom

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