31 July – Final day

I spent a longer amount of time trying to wake up on my last day in Bangkok because of these reasons:

1. I didn’t want to go back so soon.

2. I didn’t know what to do in my last day (because we’ve been to BKK in 2008)

3. The bed feels so good.

Nevertheless, I had to seize the remaining hours before my 1715 flight. After taking a shower, I had my last breakfast while overlooking the train platform.

I left my bag for safekeeping at the lobby then headed out to my last adventure. I took the train to Saphan Thaksin station, where the BTS and Chao Praya tourist boat lines were connected.

Just follow the signs to the harbor and it will lead you to the ticketing office. For 150 Baht a person, you get a one day river pass that allows you to disembarkĀ  and ride at any of the nine piers between 0930- 1600 hours. The ticketing officer hands you a guidebook and ensures that while on the boat, an English speaking tour guide would be glad enough to point out the tour highlights of each pier.

Hotels along the Chao Praya river often have river transport ready for guests

The ferry rocked insanely to the strong current at that time. I never got used to ferry rides! Decoding what the tour guide said also added to my dizzy spells.

Each port had a nearby featured destination. I didn’t get down at any because it was a rerun of temples and reclining Buddhas. Since most of them also charged an additional entrance fee and required extra time, I opted to stay in the boat for the whole round trip.

To your right, to your left

This pier leads you to the Grand Palace

Wat Arun – get off at Tha Tien Pier

It was a Sunday and I wanted to give thanks for a safe trip. I went to St.Louis Church by Surasak station after the ferry ride. There’s Sta. Cruz Church by the Wat Kanlayanamit pier along the Chao Praya river, but I wasn’t sure how quick the boat would come back for me.

The Embassy of the Holy See and a Catholic school were close by the Church. By the time I took a train back to the hotel, I still didn’t know if I would take a cab or the train to the airport. I had to make use of those last hours well. Just before collecting my bag at the hotel, I risked eating at a roadside canteen. There wasn’t any word in English at sight, but 35Baht a meal was a welcome call!

But I made a grave mistake of giving my mouth the sensation of breathing fire! Sadly, the sweet milk tea from Chong Nonsi failed to contradict the spice. I’m telling you, I looked like a lonely fool who was crying and drinking a lot! The signboard must have read “Spiciest canteen in Bangkok – as certified by the Guiness Book of World Records” in Thai script. It was enough to leave you comatose. Or exhausted enough to forget about that commercial with Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales with a Chinese type of marriage confusion on television the night before. (Sorry I didn’t check the title)

Then I went back to Siam Discovery Center to buy a watch and a drinking glass. Why? Because it’s on sale and items are similar to what Me & U sells.

Waiting for the airport train

Of course, I took the train (insert smiley here). Since it was fairly new, they still had discounted fares. I took the airport train from Phaya Thai and was supposed to get down at Makkasan for the airport express line, but I just stayed aboard the airport city line. I don’t know if there’s a difference between the two, but I was able to reach the airport with time to spare.

Suvarnabhumi Airport


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