Visiting the Quezon City Memorial Circle

27 August 2011

Mom tagged me along to the International Day of Peace celebration in the Quezon City Memorial Circle. It was both our first time in the park, so we somehow got confused with parking. The speaker was discussing a parable at the time we arrived at the peace bell. Soon after, Alfred Vargas took the stage and delivered his speech on peace while an unending sound of admiration resounded. The program ended with the assembly for a parade throughout the park.

I went around during his speech. I noticed that there were flags everywhere and that the audience consisted of different ages and religions, which added to the festive mood regarding the central theme of the day.

The gym housed booths from different organizations and sponsors. I went around and took the opportunity to grab a few articles to read on humanitarian law, and almost signed up for the United Nations Association of the Philippines. I got a snapshot for the Give Peace a Shot petition, and checked out my bone density with the Anlene Bone Scan booth. I also got a statement shirt from Miriam College’s Pax Christi org.

I registered for a fun race, but it was necessary to be in a large group to actually complete the tasks stationed at different locations in the Circle. So instead of being able to have my race card stamped at every station, I wandered through the park on my own. I could say that the park facilities were adequately maintained and warmly inviting for a picnic. Teenagers practiced dance routines while others jogged. There was also an elderly choir practicing in one of the gazebos. The heat was bearing down so I visited the QC Memorial Museum, which had free admission for visitors.

I got to discover interesting memorabilia and information regarding the late Commonwealth president Manuel L. Quezon. Items from his family roots such as photographs or maybe a coffee percolator, gifts given in his presidency, and even the very hospital bed where he spent his last breath were displayed in a hall that rested below the famous three pylons. You could also view the Quezon’s mausoleum before you leave the place.

Since it was past noon, I had to look for mom since we had to get home before the number coding window ended. Before leaving the park, we ate at the Coconut House.


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