Philippine Postal Office

In between running errands and completing requirements, we passed by the Philippine Postal Corporation Building in Manila to check out the Philippine Philatelic Exhibition 2012. Thank you to the XXIV Philatelic Club of the Philippines for posting this event on Facebook! I wasn’t able to stick around the program, but I was glad enough to witness the triumph of this steadfast hobby. I’ve never seen a huge exhibit of stamps in a single hall in my life!

Look at those pillars!

Take a jeep to Lawton, a place which is usually a bus/shuttle stop surrounded by vendors nowadays. The post office building sits in front of Liwasang Bonifacio. You would be able to see the old Manila Metropolitan Theater, which I fervently pray that the government restores sooner, in the area too.

wrote a few postcards

We mailed a few postcards to friends within the country to share our experience about the visit. I wonder how fast they would receive it! Anyway, I’m looking forward to visiting more places in Manila. Yahoo!


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