ArtScience Museum

For the cultural hub that is Singapore, it is inevitable to visit a museum during your stay. Within the Marina Bay Sands complex sits one of these world-class museums, a standing icon that exists to curate and fascinate. I would like to share our experience in the ArtScience Museum last July 2011.

Being independent wanderers, we didn’t request for any tour assistance from the museum, and ended up having a disorganized run down of the entire space. It must be helpful for others to join a free museum tour (check the language and scheduled times) at designated museum areas.

Giant shoe in a museum: check

Aside from the permanent exhibit that takes the visitor on a journey of Curiosity, Inspiration and Expression, there were three special exhibits at our time of visit.

About to watch an innovative audiovisual presentation about Curiosity, Inspiration, and Expression

One of the special exhibits was Van Gogh Alive: The Exhibition, wherein the artist’s renowned body of work was projected as high definition images on the walls. Benches are available in the hall for you to relax amongst the steady flow of images from Van Gogh’s extensive career while listening to the sweet instrumental melody aptly provided by the museum.

Larger than life!

Afterwards, we entered the Shipwrecked: Tang Treasures and Monsoon Winds exhibit that displayed priceless archaeological artifacts of trade within the silk route during the ninth century. The dim lit space accompanied by a hushed silence will take you underwater and through a history of trade and wealth. At first, the exhibit may look uninviting for young visitors, but the museum does a good job of incorporating the concept into interactive activities through games and craftwork.

The sense of being underwater

Weaving to and fro within the museum led us to the last special exhibit, Dali: The Mind of A Genius, which was the largest collection of Dali’s artworks ever exhibited in Singapore as stated from a museum brochure. From radical hand sketches to odd furniture, Salvador Dali is truly a peculiar artist that captures the absurdity of everyday objects, the subconscious, and living.

I had never seen a display of that many melting clocks in one room for the rest of my life

You would really spend a few minutes deciphering the intent of Dali’s works.

We failed to count time even though we saw a huge amount of clocks in Dali’s exhibit. The ArtScience Museum does not fail to invite your curiosity, impart inspiration, and encourage the expressive side to venture into the world where art and science have come rejoice as a triumph to the human spirit. We definitely made the right choice to visit the museum, and it would be yours too.

Enjoying the boardwalk after a long museum day

Pictures by RJ Samson

Art Science Museum
10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956

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