Some Apps

Checking the Apple app store has evolved into a weekly habit of mine, and often it’s true that if you browse a little further, you would get to discover some gems beneath all the other commercially successful apps that dominate the charts. The Genius feature is supposed to cut the work as it recommends new apps based on installed ones, but I happen to be happier with the self discoveries than opting a suggestion that usually has the same features, although different design as the app I already got. Of course, selecting what apps to download is a decisive task due to the time and money you’re giving, so almost instantly, a well written description and the word, ‘free’, attracts my attention. I’d like to take you along as I tinker with 3 apps.

Baybayin 1.0

I had no doubts in downloading an educational app about the Filipino script. Headed by Jose Jaime Enage, Baybayin 1.0 opens with a background about the usage of the ancient script, teaches you how to write the different characters, and allows you to post your work on social networking sites.  The woven straw and bamboo design adds native appeal to the otherwise advanced method of introducing a system of writing to the world. I definitely would want to see more educational apps about the Philippines!


As lifted from their website FAQ, Mightybell is “a social software application based on a simple idea: success comes from thinking big, but acting incrementally.” Basically it’s a how-to guide operating with magazine-like visuals and an engaged community. Coined as a Mightybell Experience, topics can advise you what to do as you climb a mountain to topics that teach you how to code, and sometimes to realizing what it takes to be called a Duran Duran fan. It’s funny that I never really toyed with it (downloaded it last year hahaha) until I noticed regular emails that reminded me to continue on the current Mightybell Experience I had running. They released the beta version of their website, so go ahead and register if you want to. There’s a dash of curiosity as you get to advance in each step. Users can make their own experiences (with a fee for now), a user can support others/ have supporters to complete an experience. I’d imagine it in a classroom setting, where students can complete the course through the experience.


I would like to pull a Hemingway here with six words only to describe this app: relaxing tanagram puzzles to pass time. You have to  place all shapes in the shaded area with no pieces overlapping. I was immediately hooked, especially when I discovered that the puzzles were endless! This is my favorite app to play when waiting in line for something. I could remember having a yellow cardboard box with black plastic pieces, in the same goal of forming a shape as depicted on the box, when I was younger.

Well that’s it for now! I didn’t imagine as a child that technology would grow into this behemoth of addictive interactions. As children nowadays would play on their own smart gadgets, I would still recall the days when we spent playing in parks, throwing rocks, and making a mess out of everything. Ahh. I feel old.


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