Valentine’s pickings

Eventually, Valentine’s day had to fall on a blog scheduled Tuesday. Let me take you around some of my on hand “love themed” pickings.

Two years since live on Youtube, this video still gets to me! It’s hard to ignore this toddler’s adorable talent. It just had to end in my bookmarked list. In a totally irrelevant side note, Billy Collins’ The Art of Drowning is one of my favorite poems. Diego Maclean really gave justice to the piece with this animated video (

I initially heard Damien Jurado’s Museum of Flight in Blalock’s Indie Rock Playlist for February 2012. The lyrics are straightforward and golden. Just the type of song you’d nod in accordance. Amen.

For a love transcends all type of movie, check out…. Hmmm.. Across the Universe (2007)!

I’ve been subscribing to PHD Comics for over a month now. They’re comics about the world of research and heck, I don’t even remember why I subscribed. But they’re hilarious in a geeky type of way. Check out their comic for the Valentine time (lolz. Valentine time):

And of course, check out Google’s doodle for today. (Halatang tinamad na lolz) I originally planned to put up some acoustic covers but hey, I’m entitled to practice more. The record producer within me says so. While the literary critic says, “don’t you go and have the nerve to post your love letters to no one. Don’t you dare!” Hahahaha yikes.

But seriously, everyday should be a manifestation of love for your friends and family. But if this day suits to be a reflection of your responsibilities, the things that must be amended, and the magic that occurs between people that presumably lasts a lifetime, then use the day wisely. Before I go into a litany of resolutions, have a cup of tea and read this article instead. It’s about adding milk to tea and how it can hinder heart disease protection: We’re talking about hearts, aren’t we?

Ending: I hope everyone had a great day! Woot!


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