Recycled Klimt calendar

In a random visit to a Fully Booked branch in Bonifacio High street, I found a 2011 Gustav Klimt teNeus calendar in an insanely discounted price . As the hand behind many of the world’s highly valuable paintings, Klimt was definitely the type of man whose works would be immortalized in everyday objects. It wouldn’t hurt to recycle the old calendar for a gift.

Great deals on the fifth floor! haha

We reused an old frame rescued from the infamous Ondoy flooding back in 2009. Then with some measurements and alterations to the sizing, we were able to frame three reproductions of Klimt’s artworks for my brother’s residence.

Tear off a page

Remember to cut off the artwork’s title and include it in the frame for reference.


Reuse an old frame!

Be neat! Make light pencil marks

A personalized gift incredibly adds to the show of appreciation for people you hold dear to your heart, most especially if there isn’t an occasion for giving so. This spontaneity and creativity makes gifts unique, and you don’t always have to spend a lot to make someone happy.


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