A Weekend – Philippine Jazz Fest 2012

Audrey Cruz with Edza HQ

I first attended a Philippine Jazz Fest event as a university student. Nyko Maca and the Playground was scheduled for that fateful day in our college auditorium, and it was one of those afternoons that my classmates must have thought I was going bonkers while snapping and dancing silently on my seat. It must have been one of those days when I made a mental note to do myself a favor— learn music.

Years later, I found myself sitting through another show, but now right here as close to home. Megaworld sponsored some Philippine Jazz Fest events that we have not missed once that weekend. An interest doubly pressured by my mother who loved Kevyn Lettau, an international bossa nova/jazz singer, who had returned to our shores. My mom even got to fulfill a long-standing wish to get an autographed CD from Ms. Lettau. *clap clap*

I loved that weekend since I got to discover acts to my liking. To see how performers radiated onstage with flawless talent and energy will be an inspiration for as long as music plays. I am totally proud of these Filipino artists; all of them have true potential to take on the global music scene.

Sadly, my photographs are hazy and incomprehensible, and ultimately, the best way to experience a music festival is by listening to the music when you’re there, and so everything else becomes a blur. *wink* And as for my little resolution as a university student, I’ve made baby steps into learning. The difficulty of this craft is a factor that adds to my respect of those who mastered it already.

To learn more about the Philippine Jazz Fest (which ends tomorrow… oops), please visit http://www.pijazzfest.com/


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