Logos Hope in Manila

We were around Manila at the time we decided to visit Logos Hope, which is docked until March 13 at Pier 15. Luckily, we were able to arrive before the closing time of 21:30.

The left side of the picture faces Hotel H2O

An entry ticket costs PHP20, and a video introduction is played to acquaint visitors with the sections aboard.

Welcome aboard!

The ship carries 5,000 titles with a wide scope of topics. Items are priced in units, which depend on the currency of the host country. I managed to get Saladin’s 5th edition Anatomy and Physiology and a copy of Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment. It was my chance to start all over again after my first copies were flooded away back in 2009. We also grabbed three audio CDs, which were very reasonably priced. (We had Susan Boyle singing for us on the way home.)

Book Fair

A volunteer from Malaysia, wearing a balloon hat, delivered an announcement in Tagalog over the PA system. Everyone stopped browsing books for a bit and stood amused by his likable pronunciation. At any section of the boat, you can get to interact with crewmembers about the experiences they had aboard or about their life’s stories. There are also theaters and sections for counseling by the tail-end of the ship.

International Cafe

When I was younger, we used to visit MV Doulos, a sister ship with the same purpose. Now almost at an universally legal age, I wondered into volunteering for a post aboard for a couple of years, inherently because of the same ideals and motivation as those 400 current volunteers. It’s been a dream to embark on a journey, empowering the humanitarian spirit and sharing wisdom to the hopefuls around the world. I’d place this to consideration someday when I’ve stabilized a means of living.


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