February concerts

I haven’t been completely committed to delivering content at least twice a week as stated in the About page. So here I am, trying to catch up on the past months in short, casual blog posts. Let’s start with 26 February 2012:

Mom was lucky enough to get a few tickets to Lea Salonga’s concert in Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill, Taguig. I was completely excited for the event because I’ve admired Lea Salonga for as long as I could remember. Growing up, I read about her life through some prescribed school books, and I was even encouraged to take up singing. (Of course, people who know me must be aware how cruel that possibility is.)

She had a sore throat that night, and oh boy, that didn’t even show in her voice. I absolutely loved that she sang a couple of songs from Wicked, and from her long and illustrious career in broadway. I was so happy when I got my CD signed. SO HAPPY.

I could say that my ‘watching Lea Salonga perform live’ bucketlist item can be partially crossed out, but I still am hoping to see her perform on broadway, may it be for some anniversary special or a new musical. I’ll be in a dream-like state.


Commonly how my brother acts, he surprised us with tickets to Love and Laughter, a post Valentine concert held in the Newport Performing Arts Theater last February 29. As part of Resort World Manila’s concert series, it starred Karylle, Christian Bautista,  Nanette Inventor, the Opera Belles, and Primos. It was a grand, comedic, and vividly sweet performance fueled by the inexhaustible energy of the cast. The best part was the Kitchen Musical medley. I should mention that the whole thing lasted for around three hours, and that if you would ever watch a show in that theater, bring a blanket for survival.

Of course, you’re not allowed to take photographs during the show!

We had Karylle sign a CD and poster for my niece, as a present for our young and hopeful singer. I went home thinking that I should be looking for the monologue Nanette Inventor performed… and because it sounded like the perfect piece for a typography animation video. (Hmmmmm… It’s been a month, I should probably start.)

Oh hey! It’s K and Christian!

Well as of writing, I’m tempted to purchase a seat to The Sound of Music on May 18, at the same luxurious theater. Most likely because the deal allows you to get 4 movie passes too. I’ve got less than four days to decide!


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