Sound Of My Voice Movie

While browsing around the latest movie posters, I happened to find Sound of My Voice, wherein a journalist and his girlfriend investigates a cult that claims to hail from the future. One movie poster looked like one of those old book covers, and another had this cryptic hand sequence that I had to figure out somehow. (Then  I learned it’s from the same guy who made the Tree of Life and Martha Marcy May Marlene posters)

Poster design by Mark Carroll

I tried searching for the movie’s website, and if you type it wrong, you end up in a blog about the Windows operating system. Surprisingly, the real website allows you to view the first twelve minutes of this 2011 film directed by Zal Batmanglij. Throughout the course of the twelve minutes, there are nine clues that link to other web pages to back up the story. I like these snippets of information because it hooks viewers for a real-world interaction, and it’s intriguing to think that these groups can actually exist. Another interesting thing is the discussion page, wherein viewers can comment and solve the clue presented on screen. Since the characters of the film are very unusual and puzzling, you can’t help but to laugh at the trolls’ comments right after long interpretations from people taking it seriously. Here’s an interview with Brit Marling, who plays Maggie, the cult leader in the film.

It’s pretty absorbing advertising for a cult movie, and I’m wondering how could I ever get to see the whole film. Do you have a few minutes? Check it out at


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