Anteroom Sessions Two

It’s June. This post is long overdue. And by the very purpose of this blog being a scrapbook/ journal of favorable events within a lifetime that’ll come in handy when *knock on wood* I lose my memory due to exposure to toxic substances, chronic neurologic illness, aging, or even a freak furniture accident, this post would be the best way to remember what I did during the last day of my birth month in the year 2012.

On the 31st of March, I went to Anteroom Sessions 2 by Punchdrunk Panda and Heima in Cubao Expo.

(Dear Future Self, you enjoyed a lot listening to local acts including Ang Bandang Shirley, Gentle Universe, Love Never Dies, Similar Objects, Slow Hello, The Strangeness, Tarsius, and Techy Romantics. You even drunk- danced in front of the talented Camyl Besinga. You had Moonleaf milk tea with rum; you rummaged around proudly Filipino retail merchandise, and totally breathed the same air with the many creatives and idyllics of the local indie scene. Hallelujah! You were not alone! And you made yourself a promise that night… You will really come to the third installment, with more pocket money. xx)


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