Palm Sunday

A family dinner was set for 7 in the evening at the Mango Tree, Fort Bonifacio. It was a perfect fit for the array of beautiful restaurants around the area, while the Thai menu nicely stood out on our palate. The real estate tycoon slash senator at the nearby table and even the little girl on her mother’s lap elicited a liking to the place.

Feeling so full from the meal, I strolled at the High Street for a while with my parents. My siblings had to leave to attend to other meetings. Little did they know that there were stations of the cross down the stretch, cohesively named Walkway 2012, care of Church Simplified. It was built by a community helping each other take the next step in the journey of faith towards Jesus.

Drop a stone to the scale which you pray for the most

Each station had a board describing the importance of the task, and the actions in order to proceed to the next station. Here are some of the stations.

There was a crown of thorns inside that glass box

Drive a nail to the cross

My parents and I endured entirely under light rain. The Lenten season is the most concentrated time of the year to reflect, and still, Walkway’s impact lasts on me. It reminded me about a lot of things to change, thank for, and return in favor during this life.

I learned that there is an online version to Walkway 2012. Check it out at Walkway Online.


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