toe, live in Manila

After two years from the discovery in Blalock’s playlist and countless views of fan produced band footage in Youtube, I’ve finally seen toe perform live. Feeling the familiar excitement of having a favorite artist tour around town, no doubts were made upon securing tickets  (albeit not having an early bird discount anymore) from Team Manila in the Trinoma mall. It was for the 20th of March, a working Tuesday, and nothing can stop the plan from coming into a full circle.

I went with a couple of friends, Jonver and Joana, who were ecstatic too, for this rare gig at the NBC Tent in Fort Bonifacio, almost a week after the Death Cab for Cutie concert. The set, bathed with  blinding blue light, was placed at the center, for the audience to envelope the band as they played. However, they didn’t start as they were supposed to. (Somehow, I cannot imagine escaping the wrath of Filipino time.) And gladly, the company of my friends made it survivable and hilarious.

As soon as the band delivered distinguished song by song, all the dissatisfaction with standing too long, or being cramped tightly in the third row with strangers (space issues, sorry) disappeared as swiftly as Takasi Kashikura’s drumbeats. You had to set your mind into actually believing what it was seeing. You had to keep your senses intact to have an accurate memory of the whole thing. Perhaps being cramped with strangers made it easier for me to stay still and not spring all over the tent. Oh boy.

Believe me when I tell you it was worth it. Thank you for coming to Manila, toe.
toe is a Japanese math-rock / post-rock / instrumental music group. Vist:


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