A list for the last day of June

While pressing in on my last few lucid and productive hours within the day, this tiny voice in my head kept on saying, “Can you even believe that half of the year has gone by already?” A lot has happened, yet I could vouch that no clear pathway has been made apparent. It’s as if I’m using this year to reclaim the lost years of merrymaking and spontaneity until I finally settle someplace else or by studying in my chosen field next year. Nonetheless, the future is always bright. (where are my sunglasses)

This weekend marks a year since we took the Nursing Licensure Examinations throughout the country. My anxiety laden past self wouldn’t even imagine the heights I would reach. Right around the same time this year, I was already planning for my Southeast Asia trip, of rekindling friendships, of dusting off some old hobbies, and maybe even acquiring new ones. Unaware I was that dreams do actually push through if you focus on them.

So for the last day of June 2012, I’d like to share a couple of happenings that are sweet enough to be involved in.

1. Of course, if you’re prospecting a nursing license, good luck on the boards this weekend!

Taken from: pinasnewsfeed.wordpress.com

2. The Bookworm Brigade at Moonleaf, Maginhawa

Basically it’s a book swapping/trading/selling fair and tea party for a good cause!  There are special nooks assigned to each category. Interested book- swappers can get to exchange tomes with fellow bibliophiles (conditions included). Book-traders get to sell their pre-loved books for a price not higher than a hundred PhP, and book advocates can donate their educational literature to Global Shapers, a worldwide organization of young leaders striving for a positive change in the community.

You could also take a look at the event page for directions: https://www.facebook.com/events/234827296620757/. But hurry, it runs from 11AM to 4PM… TODAY. (oh you can always grab a cup of milk tea if you’re a little late. hahahaha)

3. Social Media Day

The Philippines celebrates the power of social media with the rest of the world! Check the Meetup page for more:

4. Watch The Amazing Spider-man, maybe?

Poster design by BLT Communications, LLC

I think the reboot of characters makes people flock to theaters in droves. But after seeing this version of separate sneak peaks edited together (Thanks to Sony’s Marketing Department, You Can Watch a 25-Minute Version of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’) from the Film School Rejects website, I could wait for HBO to show this on the telly next year. By the way, that was one great job, Sleepy Skunk!

Some words of advice, do the things you love as soon and as much as you can. There are no regrets for the things you’ve done compared to the things you wished you’ve done. Have a great day!


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