Volunteering for Children’s Hour Philippines

I’m not ambivalent into spending a few hours of my day for productive causes, so I volunteered into helping Children’s Hour during the L’Oreal Philippines’ Citizen Day last June 20 in the Mind Museum.

But first, we had a party in Jollibee, corner 32nd and Rizal. Yay!

With a group of 13 kids and 11 L’Oreal partners in my team, we explored the interactive museum to much of our delight.  We had to listen to a few words from Aedi, the robot, before we could witness the marvels inside…

Some might say that volunteering is a waste of time, too tiresome, and that bringing children to a spacious and playful place would permit horseplay…

Did the kids drive us crazy?

Would I say that it was a hair raising experience?

I should say that we learned a lot, and had a very good opportunity to become friends.

It’s fun to volunteer for Children’s Hour. I’m definitely looking for more programs to join in!

Children’s Hour is “a non-profit, fundraising, funds-giving, and friends-raising organization that aims to provide marginalized Filipino children with a better life; giving them better access to quality education, quality health and nutrition and a quality way of life.” Inspired from UK’s Children’s Promise, this organization has amassed contributions from countless donors based on the concept of donating an hour’s worth of earnings for at least a year. They have been actively involved in social development since 1999.

Learn how you can help Children’s Hour by logging on— http://www.childrenshour.org.ph/


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