Iya & Anya for the Rexona Confidence Project

Oh hey! The Rexona Confidence Project is currently halfway through with its chosen duo, Iya Acuña and Anya Ong, whose confident and stunning video made it possible for them to soar above all other entries vying for a prize of PhP500,000 and the adventure of their lifetime. These girls, with a history in cheerleading  production, and entrepreneurship, are the heroines of a series of daily online videos wherein they perform totally random tasks that Rexona Philippines may think of. (From managing cars, beauty parlors, music videos in the train, writing graffiti, and etc)

Photo by Fuentes Manila

Coincidentally, I learned that Iya’s the cousin of one of my most missed gradeschool friends. (That explains her background in gymnastics) We also learned that they met at the DLSU Animo Squad, and now they have ventured into careers in media and human resources, and were very grateful for their bosses allowing them to take this month long leave from work!

Take part in their adventure! Here’s the pilot episode wherein they drop from 60 feet!


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